Making a decision to become more self-aware as a highly sensitive person is a huge step towards personal growth and development. There are 5 tips we can look at
1.    Understand what it means to be hsp.  We must be educated and recognize our unique emotional responses, strengths and challenges.
2.      Identify what really throws us off and how to set boundaries so we are not over stimulated.
3.     We must exercise self-compassion and accept who we are with our unique traits.
4.    It is extremely important to engage in self-care practices. Recognizing the need for time alone, or connecting with fellow HSP’s, engaging in creative activities are all important to recharge and rejuvenate our spirit as we embrace our sensitivity.
5.    Personal growth and development are crucial for building self confidence, as we try to manage our self -conscious thoughts in social situations.

By following these steps and becoming more aware of our strengths and not our shadows we will not only become unstoppable but more self-aware of who we are as we get more in touch with what we can offer the world so we can  make a difference.


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