What does it mean to be self-aware?  According to the Oxford dictionary, it means "knowledge and understanding your character.  

Now, according to "The Self-awareness Guy". he states that self-awareness is a state of being where you deeply understand your own thoughts, emotions & behaviours, how they affect you & the world around you.  When you are self-aware, you are not simply existing or reacting to your environment but living a life that is fulfilling & meaningful.  You are the real you and you do things that reflect who you are deep inside.

Really, there is no great mystery around being self-aware.  It is not about being perfect, far from it, it is about be comfortable with yourself thereby making sure others around you feel the same way.  All it is - is becoming the best possible version of yourself.

So self-awareness for the highly sensitive means recognizing your sensitivity by working on yourself each day, becoming more aware of who you really are as a person, so that you can become the high functioning individual you are meant to be, treating yourself and others with kindness.

My next blog will outline tips on how to increase your self-awareness.

In closing, what will you do today to develop your sense of self-awareness?


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